"Star Gate" Holiday Stocking


 "Star Gate" was channeled by Dawn with assistance from her guides. It was created with the numerical energy of the number 6 sacred geometry along with Light Codes. It is a variation of the Seed of Life or the Flower of Life.

Allow the sacred geometry and Light Codes to assist you in connecting with your guides, your Angels, your Divine Self, or to perhaps who you really are - Your Self, a child of the Stars. Meditate on That.

Each piece of art is created by Dawn from the heart space with the intention of Love, Peace, Joy, Gratitude, and Raising Your Vibration.

No matter the festivity, the custom printed holiday stocking is a great and easy way to add some holiday spirit to any space. Featuring:

• Made from plush velveteen fabric
• 5.5” foldover hem for elevated finish
• Choose either white or black hang loop
• Vibrant all-over custom print
• Printed on-demand and cut and sewn in Montreal, Canada

 Every item is custom printed and made to order. Please refer to our return policy for details.


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