About Dawn

Dawn Gaynor-Whalley loves to create sacred geometry mandalas filled with light codes by tapping into consciousness, calling in her guides, and letting the art flow.  She typically creates mandalas and art digitally, presently.  She connects with her guides and the flow of consciousness to channel and create Sacred Geometry mandalas and art filled with Light Codes for use with meditation and/or raising your vibration. Having the numerology number of 5 with her birth and her name, she embraces change. She has many years of experience as: a mechanical CAD designer; high school geometry/mathematics teacher; avid yoga and meditation practitioner and instructor; crystal singing bowl sound healer; student of hands-on art techniques, media, light and color; explorer and experiencer of methods to raise her vibration; crystal reader; student of shamanism; and she loves to live life consciously to tap into the energy of consciousness. This blend of mathematics with yoga and consciousness combined allows her to create magical creations of sacred geometry art filled with Love, Divine Consciousness, Awareness, Peace, and Connection to the Divine. Being highly sensitive to energies, a channeler, and an empath, she creates each piece of art as an energy being in its own right similar to the energy of crystals or plants. Her customers mention opening of chakras, peace, calm, heart opening, awakening, and more from focusing on or meditating with each sacred geometry being. She is filled with gratitude.

She is especially grateful for her husband and twin flame, John Whalley. John helps build this website. Dawn and John love their life together. Since 2012, they have been offering sound experiences with crystal singing bowls and frame drum, facilitating meditations and basic shamanic workshops, and offering dual Reiki sessions.

They love consciously living in the mountains in Western Massachusetts, USA